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Review: Speed Jump Rope

Woman of Many Roles received product in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.

It’s the beginning of the year. The time every makes the same choice..to live healthier. However, my main goal is to get up and exercise more. That’s my weakness..I need to move more. As a kid I love jump roping and I thought it was worth it to give it another shot.

Review: Speed Jump Rope

About: Speed Jump Rope

With ball bearings are meant to increase the number of revolutions per minute, this is the ideal rope if you need to achieve double and triple unders, as well as best PRs in your workout.The Jump Rope comes with refreshingly new features, including:• Unlike other ropes which have cheap plastic ball bearings, this has 4 high-grade metal ball bearings, which promote faster turning of the rope and longer durability.
• The rope is also very light, making it easy for beginners to use
• The cable is 10ft long, and adjustable to be used by people of different heights
• With the rope, you also get a free nylon bag to carry it in.
This comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

speed jump rope

My Thoughts:

I have been on a getting healthy kick lately, and we all know that part of getting healthy is to be active. Sometimes I don’t always find the time to get in a good workout and I don’t like spending the money for gym. So when I find something that is simple, that I can do at home and that doesn’t take up so much time then I’m going to try it for sure. So when I found the Speed Jump rope I was excited to try it. I know that cardio is very important and I have often heard that jumping rope was a great cardio workout. This jump rope is lightweight and very easy to use and best of all, it’s adjustable so it can be used by everyone in the family.

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