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Review: Soniclear Sonic Skin Cleanser

A new year means new changes. One of which is changing up my beauty routine. I have tried a couple things to clean my face, but several of the things just don’t work perfectly. They do okay, but not great. Recently I got a chance to tryout Soniclear Sonic Skin Cleanser, and boy I am in love!

About Soniclear Sonic Skin Cleanser

Cleaner skin begins with a cleaner brush™. SONICLEAR is the first ever sonic skin cleansing brush with built in antimicrobial protection against stain and odor causing bacteria. Sonic cleansing can create a breeding ground for microbial contamination when skin cells, makeup and moisture residue combine with bacteria that cling to the brush bristles between cleansings. Traditional rotary and sonic skin cleansing systems don’t offer protection against bacteria, so the team at Michael Todd set out to find a solution. After extensive research and testing, we found a way to incorporate safe, effective and durable antimicrobial technology into the brush heads at the time of manufacture. The result is SONICLEAR, a revolutionary sonic cleansing brush that thoroughly cleanses the skin and then protects itself against microbial contamination leaving the brushes cleaner, fresher for longer.
Review: Soniclear Sonic Skin Cleanser
Antimicrobial Protection.
The secret behind SONICLEARs germ fighting abilities is its exclusive LIFE™ antimicrobial product protection. SONICLEAR combines LIFE’s patent-pending organic antimicrobial technology with another EPA registered LIFE antimicrobial to render microbes unable to reproduce and interfere with their uptake of nutrients. Safe, effective and long lasting, the antimicrobial product protection in SONICLEAR doesn’t wash out or wear off so the brushes stay cleaner, fresher for longer.

Review: Soniclear Sonic Skin Cleanser

My Thoughts:

The Soniclear Sonic Skin Cleanser cleans and exfoliates your skin by gently scrubbing.  After your first use, you will find you already have softer skin.  Regular use results in more thorough removal of dead skin cells, dirt, makeup, and anything else that builds up on your skin and in your pores.  You can use the face wash or cleanser that best suits your skin and the soniclear will take the benefits of that and multiply them multiple times over.  After using the soniclear, your skin will feel instantly refreshed as soon as you have used it for the first time.  This product will change the way you care for your skin; and, it is sooo easy to use!  Just put on your favorite face wash or cleanser, thoroughly go over your face with the Soniclear making sure to slowly cleanse each area thoroughly, then rinse and wala!   The results will be noticeable after the first use.  The Soniclear is so gentle, you can use it daily; however, you can also choose to use it less frequently and still receive the amazing benefits.  With the new year approaching, many of us wish to make changes in our lives, so why not start with the face you see in the mirror every morning?  You are already a fantastic you, but the Soniclear can help you feel better about the you you are seeing.  Try one for yourself and you will know exactly what I am talking about.  Have a great new year!

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