Review:  OTO-Tip
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Review: OTO-Tip

I am the kind of person who cleans my ears out after every shower but I also hate the feel of putting a q-tip in my ear. Then I tried the Clear Ear Automated Spiral OTO-Tip and I really liked it. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


I noticed that it cleaned my ears out really well and it was super easy to use and really easy to clean after I was finished using it. I like that I can’t push it in farther than it’s meant to and that I don’t have to worry about accidentally doing any damage to my ear canal or ear drums.


Since the tips are removable I also use this on my kids for cleaning out their ears at least once a week. I can confidently let my older children use this without worrying about them hurting their ears. My 9-year-old even uses this with adult supervision and does a good job cleaning her own ears with this. It’s nice that it cleans the ears out so nicely and I actually think it works a lot better than q-tips do, it seems to grab and hold the wax better.


When it comes to cleaning this it’s fairly simple, you just remove the tip and rinse it under running water and then put it up until the next use. Or you can toss it and get a new one. I love this product for the simple fact that it works extremely well. I love that it’s easy to clean when I’m done using it and that it’s small enough to easy store in the bathroom. This really is a great product for cleaning out your ears.

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