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Review: Natural Homelogic Bathroom Cleaner

What’s the one room you hate cleaning? Me, it’s the bathroom! I hate it. It stinks and it’s the most important one to get clean because of all the germs. With three little ones (one potty training) I need a cleaner not only kills the germs, cleans great, smells good, and safe for their little bodies! That’s what I love about Natural Homelogic Bathroom Cleaner. It fits all my needs.

About Natural Homelogic Bathroom Cleaner:

A sparkling bathroom is a point of pride for any self-respecting homeowner. But those harmful chemicals still lurking in so many bathroom cleaning products today just have to go! Many bathroom cleaners can cause irritation to the throat, skin, and eyes and will linger in the air long after use. Not our Natural HomeLogic Bathroom Cleaner.

Our natural and safe bathroom cleaning spray is made with non-toxic ingredients that provide a naturally powerful clean, but thankfully without the dangerous fumes, artificial chemicals, and the associated residue those caustic ingredients leave behind.

Plus, like all Natural HomeLogic products, our Bathroom Cleaner is hypoallergenic, formulated for people with sensitive skin, and is 100% plant or mineral derived.

My Thoughts:

My family is the most important thing in the world to me.  Constant activity fills my home between myself, my husband, our three children, and our pets.  So many household products contain chemicals that can be harmful to all of them.  HomeLogic products are all natural, which is a HUGE plus for me!  With little ones and four-legged friends roaming around, it would not be uncommon for something to be put into a mouth, and if it was something that had been cleaned with harsh chemicals, the result could potentially be dangerous.  HomeLogic products, in addition to being all-natural, are quite effective.  Typical bathroom cleaners are not something you want your little ones to be near; however, HomeLogic citrus grove bathroom cleaner is derived from plants and minerals.  So in addition to its amazing cleaning power, the scent and natural formula are two more benefits that put this product over the top!

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