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Review: Mooshka Goodnight Starlight Dolls

Is bedtime ever a battle between you and your daughter? Sometimes it is here! Bedtime means lots of questions, requests for a drink, a need to use the restroom, an extra blanket. Then there is always that last “But, I am not sleepy!” assertion that tells me we are in for an extra effort to get the lights out.

We found a doll that makes bedtime less of a fight,  Mooshka Goodnight Starlight Dolls are fantastic dolls that help my girls get ready for bed in a sweet way!

Review: Mooshka Goodnight Starlight Dolls

This doll is pretty cute, she is soft, completely huggable and she sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” when you put her hands together and lights up too! To help the bedtime process her box becomes a bed!

When we are ready to start our bedtime routines I let my girls play with Dasha for a few moments. They each take a turn making her sing, giving her lots of hugs and then tucking her into her very own little bed. This had become their favorite part of bedtime without a doubt.

Review: Mooshka Goodnight Starlight Dolls

I like that this doll is super soft! She is cuddly and cute which makes her a huge hit with my girls that love to pretend they are a Mommy and Dasha is their baby. We have to get the other girl, Jessa soon to eliminate the occasional argument the girls have over who gets to tuck asha in first!

I also love that you can download ebooks to accompany the Mooshka  Goodnight Starlight Dolls. My girls love hearing stories about their baby Dasha!

Review: Mooshka Goodnight Starlight Dolls

This is a great toy for girls to play with at any time of the day, but it really helps my family eliminate the bedtime battles. I would recommend this doll to anyone looking for a sweet toy for a sweet girl.

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