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Review: The Moodsters When I Feel Sad

Although I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are completely my own.

We all know that kids have a very hard time expressing emotion when they are sad or having a bad day. They usually throw a fit because they are confused about how they feel and can’t find the words to express what they want us to know. Now they can learn about this emotion and the different ways it impacts their little lives with this awesome plush toy The Moodsters When I feel Sad with activity book and stickers.

Review: The Moodsters When I Feel Sad

This cute toy is huggable so children can squeeze and cuddle him whenever they want. This little guy even talks saying 9 different phrases that will help your child learn that it’s ok to be sad sometimes and that crying isn’t always a bad thing. It will help them learn how to work their way from sad back to happy in a good way.

You also get an activity book with this that will help kids learn about being sad and how to express it in a way that is okay. They will learn important skills that will help them to express how they are feeling so they won’t feel so stressed about not knowing how to let others know how they feel.

Review: The Moodsters When I Feel Sad

This toy is a great idea for kids, even my 8 year old daughter who knows what sadness is loves this toy. She finds it comforting when she is feeling sad or scared and love hugging it and telling it why she is sad. Even though it doesn’t talk directly back to her she loves the phrases that it does say, and she often gives advice now to younger kids she sees crying.

The activity book has helped her with expressing to me how she feels, now if she can’t find the words she wants to use then she takes a timeout with her buddy and she will calm down and draw pictures to help. This cute toy is a fantastic idea and I even ended up getting it for my nieces and nephews for Christmas while they are all still really young. You should definitely give this cute little guy a try with your little one.