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Review: Lil-Blabberz

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

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As my kids get older it gets harder and harder to find toys that both my son and daughter can play with together! I was very excited when I got a chance to review Lil Blabberz, because I knew it would be a toy that both my son and daughter would love and could play together with!

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About Lil-Blabberz Falfa:

Toddlers will love the many ways to interact with Little Tikes Lil’ Blabberz Falfa who is a funny, crazy character in the shape of a soft, fuzzy ball. Falfa can be played with alone or collect them all to interact with each other.

lil blabberz

About Lil-Blabberz Oolie:

With so many ways to play toddlers will love Oolie a Little Tikes Lil’ Blabberz who is a funny, crazy character in the shape of a soft, fuzzy ball. Lil Blabberz are great stand-alone characters but if there’s another Lil Blabberz in the room there’s even more fun when they interact with each other.

lil blabberz

My Thoughts:

You know those priceless commercials you see a lot of T.V. I think this would make a good example. Seeing my kids get along, smiling, and playing together was well worth getting these Lil-Blabberz. There are several great things about these little blabberz. Not only are they very cute but they also have a soft fur around them making more appealing to touch. It took a second to get them to recognize each other, but it was well worth the wait! It was neat seeing them talk to each other. When they are a lone they will talk, tell jokes, and spin around. These are perfect for keeping your children entertained for hours no matter if they are playing alone or with a friend!

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