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Review: Kolcraft Baby Sit and Step

If you have a busy little one in your life let me tell you about a great product that helps to keep a baby busy while remaining functional and adored through the toddler years too!

Kolcraft Baby Sit and Step is a great activity center for little ones. Before your baby is ready to walk they will love sitting in this activity center to play with the stimulating and developmentally appropriate toys. For a mother this is really handy, especially at meal preparation times.

Kolcraft Baby Sit and Step

As your bay begins to walk, this activity center turns into a tool to help your child gain confidence on his or her feet. The toys help keep it interesting, and the wheels help your child glide along as they master the art of walking.

Kolcraft Baby Sit and Step

I like that the child pushes the unit instead of being inside of it walking. This makes it much safer and in my opinion a lot more fun for little ones who like to move and shake!

Retailing for about $90 this is a good investment. It is something your child will be able to use for about a year. The Kolcraft Baby Sit and Step is colorful, durable and tons of fun for the smallest kids! Learn more today at Kolcraft.

Kolcraft Baby Sit and Step

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