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Review: kinder perfect

Although I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are completely my own.

If you are looking for a perfect adult game for parents to play then you absolutely have to check out kinder perfect. This game is so hilarious and so much fun to play. My friend recently had a baby shower and so we decided to put this game to the test.

kinder perfect

I must say that it passed with flying colors, not only did everyone enjoy playing it, we had so many laughs while doing so. Needless to say the Mom to be was a little shocked by it all. In this game, each player receives 10 white cards then one person flips and reads aloud a red card. Everyone else then plays the white card they think fits best. Once everyone has played the judge or person who read the red card reads all the white cards out loud and then picks their favorite one. You really can learn so much about people from playing this game.

Plus they provide you with blank cards so you can come up with your own questions and answers to add to your good time. This game is great for new parents, expecting parents or couples who are thinking of having children.

As a parent it’s funny to watch how they react to it all. My Husband and I have just played with one other couple who have yet to have kids, and we have 4. We set the kids up with snacks and movies in their bedroom and we enjoyed some much needed laughs and red faces playing this game. It truly is fun and entertaining and will leaving you laugh until cry more times than not. You really need to give this crazy and fun game a try.