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Review: JumpStart

Over the holidays and in the summer we spend a lot of time in the car going to visit the relatives. Our family lives several hours away and we love to spend as much time with them as we can! The downside to that is all of the time we spend in the car. The kids grow bored, they bicker, they ask the dreaded “Are we there yet” question over and over….

Yeah, keeping them entertained on the road is important to me. Not only does it make the trip more enjoyable for me, but also for the kids too!

JumpStart, the leader in learning-based games for kids, creates epically fun games for kids of all ages through its own brand as well as partner brands like DreamWorks and the NFL. We got to try out a few of their games and I can’t wait to tell you more about them as well as what we liked about each game.

NFL RUSH GameDay Heroes: Fun for the whole family to play during Thanksgiving Day football games, this JumpStart game launched at the start of the 2014 season and was created in tandem with the NFL to engage and educate the league’s youngest fans. GameDay Heroes is an action-packed, family-focused game where players can compete in real-time against each other. 

My son loves football! His Daddy is the coach of the high school team, and you know playing on Dad’s team is one of his dreams, because ya know, you have to play in high school then college to get to the NFL, every little boy probably dreams of playing football. That makes this a great game for them to play, day dream to, and pass the time on the road with!

School of Dragons: Alchemy Adventure – This new game, just launched this week, is based on the DreamWorks Animations film How to Train Your Dragon. JumpStart’s School of Dragons: Alchemy Adventure enables players to learn about the Periodic Table of Elements and match compounds (instead of candy or jewels like in similar games) in a fun – and educational – experience. The game is available via iTunes, Google Play, Facebook and Amazon and is geared for those over 8 years old. 

This game was pretty fun, I know first hand because I have down time in the car sometimes too! I played for over an hour and was impressed with how educational the School of Dragons game was in addition to how much fun it was!

Penguins of Madagascar – This new game, set to launch in late November, is based on the forthcoming DreamWorks Animation film Penguins of Madagascar. This “endless runner” game will take players on a wild chase with Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private – plus help develop their math skills throughout the adventure. The game will be available via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon and is geared towards 6-10 year-olds. 

All 3 of my kids liked this game! Who can resist the Penguins of Madagascar?! I loved that it has math skills included to make it educational and really fun!

The next time you are going on a long trip, check out one or two of these fun games and your kids will have a educational blast passing the time on the road.

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