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Review: FrameEvent

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


I live about thirty minutes from Wal-Mart or any store for that matter. All except a tiny gas station. As a mom I tend to take a lot of pictures, and more often than not they go undeveloped. I always forget to take them with me when I go to town. With Frame Event I don’t have to worry about that. I can do it all from my home.

About Frame Event:

Whether you want to personalize special occasion photos without paying costly fees or you just want to add a little flair to a favorite memory, FrameEvent makes it easy and affordable. From a single photo, to a multiple image gallery, FrameEvent makes it easy to customize printed photos that will have your style, your way, with a unique look! FrameEvent is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fetco Home Decor, nationally known for its high quality picture frames, wall frames, and wall art. You can find our frames in most major retailers.

frame event
My niece and my baby girl!

My Thoughts:

FrameEvent made my life a lot easier. I can print off my pictures from the comfort of my home. I don’t have to worry about remembering to bring stuff with me when I go to town. Their site is also very easy to use. You can customize and add special effects to each picture without any extra charge. When all is said and done with you get a top quality print. Over all, I am very pleased with FrameEvent. It’s easy to use, great product, and very handy!

Special Offer:

FrameEvent has a special offer where you will get one free print with every order! All you have to do is pay shipping.

Get Connected:

Site: http://frameevent.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FrameEvent

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