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Review: Curious George Swings into Spring DVD

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What little kid doesn’t love going on adventure?  Curious George is a little monkey who loves adventure just as much as your little ones. My little ones love going on adventures with him! 




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About Curious George Swings into Spring: 

You know it must be springtime if a curious monkey named George is dancing on the balcony at sunrise! The Man with the Yellow Hat is sure that George has spring fever, and he takes George to the park to experience all the wonders of spring. George is so excited about spring that he wants Hundley to have spring fever, too, but Hundley and the Doorman are busy trying to win the Mayor’s spring cleaning prize. When a broken water pipe floods the building, Hundley has to stay with George in the country, and George tries to make sure Hundley enjoys spring, too.

Even blooming flowers, baby animals and a canoe ride can’t make Hundley love spring. What’s worse – Hundley gets lost in the country! Searching for his lost friend, George accidentally launches a hot air balloon rally and, piloting a balloon, sails over the countryside. Luckily George manages to grab Hundley from a hilltop along the way. Together they balloon triumphantly to the city. The Man with the Yellow Hat and the Doorman stage a daring rooftop rescue. Not only are George and Hundley saved, but they manage to win the coveted Spring Building Prize! Finally, to George’s delight, Hundley now has spring fever, too!”

My Thoughts: 

The first thing I noticed was the music on Curious George Swings into Spring! The songs are perfect for teaching the kids. They are very catchy and easy for the little ones to remember. I loved how the appearance of the characters from the book doesn’t change at all in the movie. I think it makes it easier for little ones to connect the books with the movie. When I think of Spring I thing of cleaning and being outside in the yard. I think it’s an important lesson for the little ones that although you may not want to help out you should. George proves it when he helps Huntly do a little of spring cleaning. We all know that the best thing about Spring is being outside. You can’t help but want to go outside.  However, Huntley thinks otherwise. He doesn’t want to go outside. So George decided to show him all the fun and exciting that’s about spring. Overall I loved this DVD. It is both educational and fun for my little ones. They wanted to watch it, but didn’t realize they were learning at the same time. The learned how to help each other and a little bit about Spring! Secretly my favorite season!! 🙂


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