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Review: Café Booster

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.


This summer we had to move. With the move we were forced to down size a little bit. One of the things that we decided to let go was my daughters high chair. It was old and time to get something different. Instead of getting a high chair I decided to get a booster seat. When I was searching around for a good booster seat I came across Keekaroo’s  Cafe  Booster. I have to say it’s pretty neat!


About Cafe Booster:

Water Resistant: Fluids cannot penetrate into the booster seat, stopping mold or deterioration


Protective Layer: Surface allows for immediate cleaning


Soft to the Touch: Soft surface creates comfortable seat


Crack/ Puncture Resistant: Designed for hospitals, durable outer shell withstands everyday demands


Easy to Clean: Solid surface wipes down easily and limits bacteria growth


Promotes Good Posture: Designed to provide stability and proper hip posture


My Thoughts:

The moment I opened the box my daughter knew it was for her. She kept saying “My Chair!” “Pretty!” I loved seeing the excitement on her face as she was trying the booster out. In away I got to admit it made me feel a little bit sad because she was growing up to be a big girl. However, this booster was perfect for her. It was very soft, easy to clean, and VERY easy to install. As a mom, I liked how it help promoted good  hip posture and stability. The best part is it’s portable unlike a high chair. When we go visit her Nana for a week at a time I can just unbuckle the seat from her chair and put it in the car to take along with us. Which is exactly what I will be doing this Christmas. This child does not like to set still and it. She needs to be buckle. In the past I have always struggled with her setting still and eating when we are visiting family. Well no more!!

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