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Review: Cocomo Joe

Disclosure: This is sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

 I am on a journey to be healthier, to lose weight, to gain energy and to set a good example for my children about setting goals and working to meet them, about making good choices and to show them that one step leads to another. The good things in life are worth the work you put into them.

Review: Cocomo Joe

Eating healthier means I am getting the chance to try a lot of new things. I had a chance to try the line of organic food that Cocomo Joe offers. This is clean, healthy organic food that you won’t feel guilty about eating.

I sampled the Joebar, and immediately understood why this 8 ingredient, raw vegan bar is popular with athletes. It gave me energy and left me feeling satisfied.

Review: Cocomo Joe

Chocolate Milk Granola was interesting and good. It turns milk chocolate in the bowl and was a good way to start the morning, my kids liked it too.

Eating healthier doesn’t mean I don’t want to have a treat now and then. Cocomo Corn was a very good and unique blend of caramel corn made with coconut oil, nectar and sugar. It was sweet without being unhealthy. It made for a nice, guilt free organic snack.

Review: Cocomo Joe

If you are a vegan, an athlete or someone like me that is making healthier choices you will want to check out the line of Cocomo Joe foods. There is something for everyone, even diabetics! I was pleased with everything that I sampled and I think you will be too.


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