Must Have Products · December 19, 2016 0

Review: Cheeky Slave

Although I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are completely my own.

This product is absolutely amazing and worth every penny no matter how old you are. Cheeky Slave is a transparent balmy butter that can be used on anyone and is unscented. I love using it on my dry skin and even use it when my lips are chapped.

Cheeky Slave

Plus because of what it’s made of you can use it on your kids and not worry if it gets in their mouths. I gave some to a friend and she absolutely loves using it on her newborns head to keep the crud off his head. You can use it for acne as well, and I noticed it works very well in my daughter’s dry bumped arms. Even my son who has sensitive skin can use this and it helps heal up his breakout instead of making it worse. I have him use it every night after his shower all over his chest face and back.

Cheeky Slave

I have seen a huge improvement on everyone’s skin in our house, it us so much more smooth and hydrated. I have given this as a gift to several people and they have absolutely loved it and have recommended it to other friends. I would highly recommend buying this and giving it a try, you won’t be sorry that you did.