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Review: Bubble Pods

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

Do you have a music lover in your family? I have 2! Both of my daughters are always singing at their top of their lungs. Their favorite songs recently to sing is anything by Garth Brooks! (Yep, I raised them right! LOL) My daughter’s birthday is coming up. She will be 8! That’s so hard to believe, but with being the music lover and big girl she is I decided to get her an iPod and blue tooth speaker. I decided the perfect speaker for her was Bubble Pods.


Review: Bubble Pods

Bubble Pods are the best sounding speakers in its class that go anywhere and everywhere you go. It’s an ultra-light, child and outdoor IPX5 protection against water/dust/sand, mighty powerful 5W output, and extremely playful and colorful portable Bluetooth speaker. This powerful little companion speaker has a built-in 1,800mAh lithium battery with a play time of 5 hours at full max volume so you can take it with you on your family outings.The built-in full range driver and 360° omnidirectional sound effect processor delivers an exceptional balance of loudness and bass performance for its size. With the hands free-calling, if you get a phone call it can also pause your music and resume where you left off once you’re done. The Bubble Pods’ simple and convenient design makes it easy to hook onto a D-ring to take with you wherever you want on your clothes, stroller, or backpack and comes compact enough that you can fit it into your pocket too.

Review: Bubble Pods

My Thoughts:

First off just look at the speaker…it’s pink! What girl wouldn’t love it. The thing that caught my eye about this speaker over the others is that it has an IPX5 protection against water, dust, and sand. Which face she’s a big girl but still a kid, so something sturdy is a must! I also loved how easy it would be for her to carry around with her because music isn’t just limited to one room. Especially with this girl! This speaker may be little but it’s pretty powerful and sounds great! I actually want to get another one for me and yes it may be pink too!!


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