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Review: Baby Baja

Although I received this product free in exchange for my honest review, all opinions stated here are completely my own.

Honestly what kid doesn’t love bubble baths. Either they are exploring the crazy mysterious things or relaxing in them after a hard long day of play. With Baby Baja creamsicle bubble bath you can feel good about your child playing in the bubbles, without worrying about parabens, sulfates or animal derived ingredients.

Baby Baja

I love using this because my child has sensitive skin and this stuff work very well without breaking him out. Plus it smells fantastic as well. Then there is my other favorite the Baby Baja night night Lavenda gift set which includes Shampoo & Body wash, lotion and conditioning cream. Honestly what is more relaxing than soaking in a lavender bath at the end of a long day and then using the wonderful lotion to help soothe you or your child before bed.

Baby Baja

These products are fantastic and even as an adult I love using the bubble bath for the smell and then of course when I’ve had a long day I will use the lavender set. Even when I don’t use the lavender shampoo and body wash I use the lotion nightly to help calm my body for bed. I make sure at night that all my children use the lavender set to help them relax after a busy day of school and sports.

So whether you are looking for a new bubble bath for your children or a night-time set for your baby or older children or both then look no further. This stuff will leave you smelling and feeling amazing. If you know someone who is expecting then I would highly recommend gifting them with the Baja baby night lavender set, it truly is a fantastic set. You really can’t go wrong with any of these products.