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Review: Audiobooks.com

Giving a gift to someone who has everything can be a challenge! Gift Cards always work, but that is a unimaginitive gift in my opinion. I prefer to give gifts that are memorable, that can be used more than one time and that will get the person I am giving a gift to something exciting in their life.

I found a great gift for kids and adults that is a gift that keeps giving! Let me tell you about audiobooks.com and why I think this is a great option for gifting regardless of the season.

Audiobooks.com offers gift subscriptions which include:

  • 1 audiobook credit per month to listen to more than 50,000 titles
  • Ability to purchase additional audiobook credits at anytime
  • Exclusive member-only promotions

 Just as digital downloads once displaced physical media like CDs, streaming is replacing digital downloading as the media consumption technology of choice across multiple media platforms, as the success of streaming platforms like Netflix and Pandora demonstrate. Streaming doesn’t require the user to save content on a device hard drive like downloads do; instead, users just select content and watch or listen instantly from a cloud-based service. Audiobooks.com, the only service that allows members to stream and download audiobooks, is poised to capitalize on streaming’s marketplace momentum as new technologies spring up to support consumers’ appetite for streaming on demand.


“Audiobooks.com is leading the streaming revolution in the audiobooks space,” said Sanjay Singhal, CEO of Audiobooks.com and a veteran of numerous successful technology and retail startups as well as several Fortune 500 telecommunications and broadband companies. “While other services require users to download and store content, we give members a choice of on-demand streaming or downloading for times when they can’t access broadband for streaming.”

You can add your personal touch and send the perfect gift! Design the gift card, add a personalized message and recommend a great book you think they’ll love.

Reading is a great activity, with over 50,000 titles there are books that will delight every reader in your life. I was impressed with the titles that were available, as well as the ease of use with this service. Finding a good book to have read to you has never been easier! Getting your books digitally also beats heading out in the cold to go to the bookstore or library! Plus, audiobooks.com is great for people who want to read, but don’t have time. Listening to your book is a great way to relax at home or keep you entertained on your commute.

To learn more visit www.audiobooks.com.

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