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Raining? Create a Fun Fishbowl

My daughter loves fish! If a store has a tank of fish, she wants to see them, give them names, and plead with me to buy one to add to our aquarium. One day last week we got out some craft supplies and I came up with a really easy craft to make with kids that was fun to create. My daughter is so proud of her ‘fishbowl’ that she wants to show it to all of our friends and family!

To create a fun fishbowl with your kids you will need:

3 colors of construction paper {we used green, orange and black}

Scotch Permanent 2 sided tape

1 square of contact paper {we used a fun blue wave pattern} 


 a sheet of light blue construction paper if you don’t have contact paper.

Googly Eyes

First I cut my blue wave contact paper into the shape of a fishbowl. {I did this freehand.}

Next I cut some basic fish shapes in assorted sizes.

Then we attached the fish bowl to the construction paper by peeling the back away and applying with care to avoid bubbles.

Next we were ready to attach our fish. I tore small bits of 2 sided tape and we placed them on one side of the fish. My daughter decided where to place in them in the fish bowl.

For the last step we used one googly eye per fish to make them “cuter”.

We had so much fun that we couldn’t resist making another one on the discarded backing of the contact paper since we already had the shape and a few left over cut out fish.

This craft was great because it was imaginative, it came together easily and it didn’t require many supplies.

Who would you make a fishbowl craft with?

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