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Puro Headphones Review

As a busy Mom of 3 I think headphones are maybe one of the greatest inventions ever. There is something almost priceless about having your kids entertained, quietly at that, especially in the car! No matter where we are headed, I make sure our Puro bluetooth headphones come with us!

Let me tell you a little more about these wireless headphones for kids and why I never leave home without them, and why we use them at home a lot too!

These headphones are designed with kids in mind, but they are not your typical kids headphones. These are noise canceling- high quality and they provide a wonderful listening experience.

Puro Headphones Review

I love that the volume my kids can listen at. I don’t have to worry about the kids damaging their hearing and I don’t have to interfere to lower volume for them. They can watch a movie with crystal clear sound, they can enjoy their favorite music, and best of all the child with the Puro Headphones is not bothering his or her siblings!

Puro Headphones Review

We often fall back on the Puro Headphones on the road, but they are used even more at home! With 3 kids in the house, it is always a little noisy here. When one of my kids needs a break from the siblings, I hand over the Puro Headphones and offer a suggestion of watching a video or listening to a few favorite songs without the noise of the other kids. It always does the trick. These headphones are also great for when one child is watching a show and another child wants a different show. It makes it possible for 2 kids to enjoy different programs without even having to hear each other!

Puro Headphones Review

Retailing for about $80, Puro Headphones deliver a studio sound at a safe level. Thy have an extra long battery life of 18 hours and a one year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about your Puro Headphones, they are made to last!


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