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Protect Your Home & Belongings


Being an adult is scary sometimes. Especially when you throw little ones in there. It’s our responsibility to protect and take care of them in every way possible. I always thought I was doing a pretty good job of protecting them until just over a year ago (Oct 2012) I had a rude wake up call.

My car was broken into. I had just ran into a building for just a second and left my diaper bag (aka purse) in it. It had EVERYTHING in it. When I say everything I mean it. I had just came from two different appointments that I need my kids social security cards for. I had my check book, my credit cards, my kids tribal cards, and my brand new kindle fire that I got for my birthday. I felt violated in several ways! I cried almost every night. It wasn’t until my husband said “At least you and the kids weren’t in the car ,”  that I realize just how lucky I was.

He was right. We were lucky that we weren’t in the car. Although I lost everything, at least my kids and I were safe. In the end that’s what matters the most. The safety of my kids. I know I have said this before but knowledge is power. I started doing research to find all the ways I could protect my home and vehicles from theft. I was amazed with how much information was out there. There was tons of things you could do to protect your belongs and it could be as simple (and free!) as locking the doors and windows. I have to admit I was fault for this burglary. I didn’t lock the door. I thought it would be okay because it was just a minute and in a busy parking lot. I was wrong! Never under-estimate the stupidity of others. You can find more tips on protecting your home from theft by visiting MyStyleSpot.

How do you protect your home?



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  1. Wow! I’m lucky that that hasn’t happened to me. I don’t have little ones, but it’s amazing how quick thieves are now. It’s also sad! I hope everything was able to be replaced.

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