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Potty Training with Nuby Potty Seat

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The toddler age; isn’t it fun? It comes with terrible two’s and my least favorite thing to do…potty training. I can’t be the only parent who dislikes potty training. My son was a pain to potty train. He had more fun potting on the carpet than in his potty seat. However, if he had a comfortable potty seat I bet that wouldn’t be a problem. That’s why I am glad that Carly Jo has one; the Nuby Potty Seat.

potty training

About Nuby Potty Seat:

“The Nuby Potty Seat is sized just right for your little one, the stand-alone potty features a non-skid base, comfortable seat, and removable basin that is easy to empty and easy to clean. ”

potty training

My Thoughts:

My daughter loves this potty. We haven’t truly started potty training yet. I am waiting until husband gets paid to get some training pants and then we are going to start full force. This potty chair is perfect for her and for many reasons. Most importantly is the size. It’s just perfect for her to set on and be comfortable. When I first got it I just set it out on the floor and let her explore it. She kept setting on it and would carry it around. After a day of playing with it; it got moved into the bathroom. Now when I go to the restroom she goes and sets on it. I think she’s ready, but then again who wouldn’t be with a comfortable seat.  The size also makes it easy to travel with. Since we will more than likely be potty training over holidays I can just bring it with us. Now from a mom point of view. I love how easy it’s going to be clean. The basin is removable and made of material that will be easy to wipe clean with a rag or baby wipe.


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32 thoughts on “Potty Training with Nuby Potty Seat

  1. i’ll really miss them but, since my son-in-law is getting stationed in hawaii and i’m in mississippi,,,,,,,,i’ll let my daughter have all the fun

  2. I have the pleasure of helping my brother and girlfriend potty train my 2 year old niece. God please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It was around 2 for the first when we thought he was ready. The next one is due in December so we will see how it goes again 🙂

  4. It’s for my niece Stella. She is 22 months. I am not sure when they will start her
    Ijust wanted them to be ready. And the nuby is a good seat.

  5. I try and start between 2 and 1/2 just look for little signs and not rush it. My oldest two did fine by working at there own pace. My youngest is potty training now

  6. Our little guy is only 13 months, but we have been sitting him on his potty off and on since he was 12 months.

  7. I started around 12 months with my son .. Just introducing him to a potty. Nothing really serious until about 18 months old.

  8. My son just.turned and has been asking to use the potty for a few months now, we have actively started training him yet

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