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POP Goes the Clock: Pop Clock by No. 8 Brands and Nanda Home

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With my oldest being seven years old and my youngest being two I can say I am pretty knowledgeable about taking care of toddlers and babies. However, when it comes to an older child, pre-teen, and a teenager that’s a whole new world for me. I am currently trying to figure what’s the right age to let my son(oldest) take on more responsibility. I decided with the right clock, like Pop Clock, he can start waking him self up.

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About Pop Clock:

Meet Clocky and Tocky’s younger brother, Pop Clock – he’s fun (and a bit goofy) but like his siblings, he’s serious when it comes to waking you up. Following in the footsteps of his older brothers, Pop Clock gets you up and out of bed as his top “pops” when your alarm goes off as he’s determined to get you up on time. Made from durable soft plastic – the large LED screen is easy to see and the alarm is a breeze to program making it fun for “snoozer abusers” of all ages!

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My Thoughts:

I was a little nervous with how Bryson would act when he started taking on the responsibility to waking up himself. I was afraid we would spend many mornings running behind, but I knew he needed to learn. I figured over time he would get better because after all practice makes perfect. Although to my surprise he handled it very well. He loved getting up by himself. To him it was more of a game than a chore. He loved rushing to get the head to put it back on the body.  Not only was the clock fun, but the box was too. It was full of activities and fun facts about the clock. Overall, I am very pleased with Pop Clock.  I no longer had to worry about getting him and both girls ready in the morning. I could focus on the girls and getting their hair fixed. (Lets face it girls have pretty hair!) It made my life a lot easier and it also was teaching him more responsibility.

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