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Please a Princess with Save A Lot

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As a Save a Lot Shopper I was really impressed when I heard that some of my favorite products were now available in store! Suave is a brand we have used and loved for many years, and finding it in a frequently shopper location makes it all the better.

On my last trip to get the groceries and goods at Save a Lot, I picked up 5 favorite products, at a great price I might add!


Caress Daily Silk Body wash

Suave Green Apple Shampoo

Suave Green Apple Conditioner

Kids product: Suave 2-in-1 Surfs Up Shampoo

Kids product: Suave Kids Detangler

These products are great for family use that is why I loved seeing them in the health and beauty aisle! From great smelling shampoo and conditioner that everyone finds irresistible {Green Apple!} To hair care for kids, who can beat a 2 in 1 shampoo? And a fun name like Surfs Up make this is go to in our house! Life is busy! Suave takes a step out for parents with this product!

Please a Princess with Save A Lot

Our most favorite is the Suave Kids Detangler. This is a product we use daily on our girls!  We are always glad to be able to take some of the ouch out of hair brushing for the girls, especially with their longer hair that is prone to tangles.

Please a Princess with Save A Lot

#SaveALotInsiders can save money on every day items by shopping their favorite Save a Lot Store. Finding Suave in the health and beauty aisle completely makes my shopping a little easier and cheaper too!

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