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Picture Book: Hank Finds An Egg (Review)

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received. hank finds an egg Books are very common in my house. In fact we have 8 boxes left to unpack, and they are all books! (We need a book shelf or they would be unpacked!) With my oldest being 6 and my youngest being 2 finding books that they can read all on their own is kind of hard. That’s why I like picture books, especially Hank Finds An Egg.

About Hank Finds An Egg

“The charming Hank Finds an Egg instills a sense of exploration, wonder, creativity, kindness, and self-confidence in the most unique way — not with words but through the amazing creativity of author Rebecca Dudley.   Dudley, an accomplished builder, photographer, and artist, weaves a heartwarming tale with meticulously detailed dioramas, all designed, created, and photographed by her.  When Hank walks in the woods and comes across an egg lying on the forest floor, he immediately gets to work trying to return the egg to its nest, getting increasingly more creative to accomplish the task.  As the story unfolds, readers young and old will delight in the richness of detail in each picture—the shape of each leaf, the ripples on each tree trunk, the emotions displayed through Hank’s gentle and kind demeanor. Hank Finds an Egg is a wonderful tale that will inspire readers of all ages to believe in themselves and the goodness of others.”

My Thoughts: 

The beauty behind picture books is the kids can make up their own story.  The illustration is perfect. I think the Hank looks so cute and life-like. Books are meant to give you an imagination and I think this book does just that. It gives the kids a chance to make their own story. I love listing to my oldest two take turns telling their story how Hank Finds An Egg. It’s always changing and adapting. This book has quickly become the favorite out of my three kids. They are asking for more picture books. Did you like picture books when you were a kid?

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