Pets Gift Guide #WOMRHG2020
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Pets Gift Guide #WOMRHG2020

Pets Gift Guide

Pets Gift Guide shows just how much I feel that pets are a part of our family too! Here are my picks for the perfect gifts for your little creatures! No matter if they are four legged, two legged, or none! The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

So easy to use! Well Life dog water bottle was designed by a dog mom who wanted a water bottle and dog bowl in one for bringing her dogs to the dog park. It is easy to fill and very easy to use, the fold open top flips open to a water bowl, and you don’t have to carry an extra bowl to give your fur buddy water to drink. Pop open the bottle, press the button with one hand, and the water will flow into the bowl. 


One of the most important parts of having a pet, asides from having the time to care for it properly, is to have a great home for your pet to reside in safely. We love the small animal cage from Prevue Pet Products. It is perfect for small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits or even larger birds.

This toy is made to keep your pets mind sharp, it’s not meant to be used as a chew toy, so make sure your pet doesn’t chew it up. With this toy you put treats in the appropriate slot and then give it to your dog. This toy is made with a unique geometric design which makes it roll and bounce unpredictably which will help in promoting mental stimulation for your dog as well as helping them eat slower since they have to work to get the treats out and they don’t all come out as once. I love that this doesn’t make any annoying squeaking noises when our pup plays with it.

#1 Ranked, Multi-Award Winning, HandsOn Gloves are the Revolutionary All-In-One Shedding/Bathing/Grooming Gloves. Animal preferred for the loving HandsOn massage. Horses, Dogs, Cats, Livestock and more don’t even know they are being groomed or de-shed with the patented HandsOn Gloves. HandsOn outperforms traditional curry combs, bathing mitts, shedding blades, metal bristles, and any de-shedder on the market. HandsOn is changing the way we Bathe, De-Shed and Groom all our animals. Forever.

Saddlebox is a monthly subscription box for horse owners. It is a box you can feel good about ordering because it benefits horses in need! With each box you get a photo of the horse that your purchase supported as well as so many great things for your horse. From grooming supplies like curry combs , brushes and tape, to delicious horse treats and more.

Each box is filled with 2-3 amazing, highly durable toys curated specifically for your dog. You can even customize the materials of the toys you receive on a monthly basis. BULLYMAKE also sends 3 treats in every box that are all natural, healthy, and tie into the monthly theme. If your dog has severe food allergies, you can select a “Toys Only” option wherein the treats in the box are replaced with 2 additional toys.

I can’t be the only crazy one that wraps a gift for the little little fur babies too. Granted I just do one, but I do make sure they have something. What is your favorite gift that you gave your pet? I just may add it to my pets gift guide.

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