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Personal Planner Wall Calendar and Notebook

Sometimes I think the title Mom is a understatement. We should be title office manager, the boss, or whatever other job title means keeping everything in order and running smoothly! I depend on certain tools to help me and my favorite is Personal Planner! The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

About Personal Planner’s Wall Calendars:

Never miss an activity, anniversary or appointment again, with a planner that helps you sync and organize the whole family’s schedules. Upload your own pictures on the cover, or choose among our many wonderful designs.

  • Your pictures on the cover, or one of our designs
  • Your own text
  • Thick, photo-quality paper
  • Pre-punched hole for hanging, two ways
  • Size approx. 30×30 cm / 11.8×11.8 in.
  • Eco labeled (FSC and PEFC)
  • Free worldwide shipping!

With up to 8 custom columns and modules to keep track of trainings, to-dos, meal plans, and meetings, you’ll soon have a clear overview of the coming week. The inlay shows one week per page, or two if you open up the wall planner and hang it as a spread. You select your own starting month.

  • 12-month range
  • Your own starting month
  • One week per page
  • Up to 8 custom columns: choose name, color, and picture
  • Clever modules on each page: menu plans, trainings, to-dos, etc.
  • Thick, matte paper (130g) – no bleeding or ghosting!

About Personal Planner’s Notebooks:

Design your own custom notebook for school, to use as a training or travel journal, or to scrapbook your baby’s first year. Select dotted pages and you’ve got yourself a perfect bullet journal! Start by selecting size, then design the cover of your notebook: upload your own pictures or choose among our wonderful designs and colors.

  • Four sizes
  • Your pictures on the cover, or one of our designs
  • Sturdy clear plastic cover protects your picture
  • Accessories always included: elastic closure, plastic pocket, and ruler/bookmark
  • Eco labeled (FSC and PEFC)
  • Free worldwide shipping!

Here’s where you select what pages to combine and include in your notebook. Dotted for bullet journaling, blank for doodling the day away, or ruled for good old note-taking. There’s even music paper, for immortalizing any merry melody that floats into your mind!

  • Combine type of pages as you like: ruled, squared, dotted (dot grid), blank or music paper
  • Choose regular or inverted print
  • Owner’s page with your text
  • Thick, matte paper (130g) – no bleeding or ghosting!
  • 130 pages (160 pages in the A5 size)

My Thoughts:

I love the little notebook! I carry it around with me everywhere I go. I am constantly thinking of things to do or to write about on the blog but without a pin to jot it down I forget! So with my little personal notebook I no longer forget.

As a mom of four kids and wife to a husband who runs a school my life can be a little hectic. Sometimes if it wasn’t for my wall calendar I think we would forget something. Our wall calendar hangs in central command of our house. It’s perfect where everyone can see it and know what the plans are for them and for the others that day. There is no questions…no ifs…no wonderings. It’s crystal clear. All laid out on my wall calendar. I love it. It’s easy to read and to figure it. If they need to add something they can. It also has a spot where we can put to do lists for the week, menus for the week, and goals for the week. I think it’s the perfect thing to keep everyone on track!