Perfect Toys for Your Baby
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Perfect Toys for Your Baby

This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

I love any and all toys that help babies and little ones relax and be able to fall asleep which is why the Soothing Fox Night Light is one of my favorite products. This awesome toy comes features 20 minutes of music or nature sounds. It has 5 songs and 3 nature sounds that are meant to help soothe your little one and help them to be able to relax and fall asleep. I love the nature sounds, and whenever I use this one with my nephew, I often end up falling asleep as well because it’s just so relaxing. This product is also a nightlight that projects light by using gentle movement of the fox’s tail. The other awesome thing about this is that the baby fox is removable so your older little ones can hold. The light and music settings are adjustable and you can choose to have or not have audio. This would be an amazing gift for any little one or someone who is expecting a baby. I ended up gifting this to several family members who have little ones and they really love this.

Another one of my favorite products is the Spin & Slide DJ Panda. This toy is recommended for ages 6 months and up and is sure to provide your little one with lots of entertainment. This toy captivates your little one with different sound effects and music as well as lights. There are buttons to push and the toys on the headphones slide back and forth. I have a little one that I watch that is a year old and he loves this toy, it’s usually one of the 1st ones that he grabs when he comes over. He is usually entertained by this toy for several minutes because there is just so much he can do with it and he loves the different noises and music that it makes when he pushes the buttons. This one is one that is good for keeping kids entertained and letting them work on hand eye coordination.

Another one of my favorite toys is the Stack’em and Spin’em seal. This toy is also recommended for ages 6 months and older. This toy comes with some fun textured balls that you stack on the seals tail or nose. These balls have different textures on them making them more fun and interesting to little ones. This toy is one that is good for working on fine motor skills as your little one learns how to stack the balls up on the seal. Please note that one ball is permanently attached to the seals nose however the other 3 are not. The little one that I watch loves to stack these balls up and push the button on the side which then makes the balls spin and it activates lights and music making this toy even more fun and entertaining for little ones. If you are looking for holiday gifts for little ones then I would highly suggest looking into these awesome toys.

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