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Pentel EnerGel Pens And Mechanical Pencils #shopletreviews

Disclosure: I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.

By now if you haven’t figured out I have become a  Shoplet blogger. One of the best things about being a Shoplet blogger is all the amazing office supplies that I get to try out and share with you all. This time around I get to try out some pretty awesome pens and mechanical pencils .

About Pentel EnerGel Pearl Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen:

The best qualities of liquid and gel ink are blended into a super-smooth ink and delivered via an exclusive ink/tip technology for the smoothest write. Vivid, acid-free ink dries quickly without smearing or blotting and is great for left-handed writers. Needle tip. Retractable.

gel pen

About Pentel Twist-Erase Mechanical Pencil:

The Pentel Twist Erase GT features a sliding sleeve to prolong write-out, reduce lead breakage and protect your pocket. A unique, extra-soft, latex-free grip reduces writing fatigue. Frequent mistakes are no match for the larger-than-ordinary and long-lasting twist-up eraser cleanly erases any mistakes no smudges, no paper tears and no ghosts.

Mechanical Pencil

My Thoughts:

My husband would say that I have a pen addiction. I might have to agree with him. I love trying new pens, and honestly it seems like you can never have enough. They are always some that manage to grow some legs and walk off. I have had a hard time finding “my type” of pen. There are several that I like, but they have something wrong with them. Not the Pentel EnerGel Pens. They right super smooth and easily. The best part is the gel doesn’t smear!! (Usually the gel pens I have tried in the past would smear.) On top of that the pens have an area on them that also make holding the pen a lot easier. They also come in different colors. That might be one of my favorite parts because I can color code my planner. Yes, I like to be organized. 🙂 I have to say that I don’t think I will be using any other kind of pens. Now, lets talk about the pencils. I hate using pencils. They are a pain in my butt! Although, it would be nice to erase what I write when I need to instead of scribbling it out. It’s hard to explain why I don’t like pencils. I would if they write like a pen and that’s exactly why I love these mechanical pencils. They write just as smooth and easy as the pens but they erase!! WIN!! Overall I was very pleased with my new pens and pencils. Which doesn’t really surprise because Shoplet only carries the best!  So whether you are looking for Promotional Products, Promotional shirts , or even Office Stationary  Shoplet will have you covered!

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