Paw Patrol CozyPhones Makes Road Trips Easier
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Paw Patrol CozyPhones Makes Road Trips Easier

Headphones are an important investment for parents to make. They can save us a lot of headaches from the noise of games and cartoons on long car rides and during times of earned screen time. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Getting kids to wear their headphones can be a challenge. Headphones can be uncomfortable; they slip, they pinch and they aren’t exactly fun looking… most of the time! But, like I mentioned, headphones are important for the comfort of everyone at certain times! With 4 kids, headphones are vital on long car trips!

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CozyPhones are a super fun option that gets my kids excited about wearing them! With Paw Patrol styles to appeal to younger kids, and a great fit, not to mention, a great sound, the kids want to wear them all of the time!

These are a really durable option for kids. The cord is the ideal length, and I love that it is braided for durability under normal wear and tear from small hands. CozyPhones are washable, which appeals to the mother in me. Knowing I can clean as needed makes me feel a lot better about the kids wanting to wear them all the time! Especially after practices!

CozyPhones offer a money back guarantee so you can feel good about the durability of the product. They also have a limited volume level, which will keep little ears safe and give parents peace of mind that there will be no hearing damage.

We have been very impressed with our CozyPhones. They are available in several fun Paw Patrol styles to make finding the perfect pair for your kids a breeze.

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