Our Best Apex Legends Tips You May
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Our Best Apex Legends Tips You May

Apex Legends took the gaming community by a storm. A truly intimidating game, Apex Legends has over 10 million players today which points to one thing – You need to have a proper strategy to win in this fierce competition. The Battle Royale game offers fast action. Whether you are a novice player or a pro, here are some Apex legends hack that promise to take you on a winning spree. It is likely that you may likely have never even guessed these tips. Use them to survive the clutter and chaos.

Melee attacks let you smash the doors

There is a lot of loot in the buildings. However, this can be dangerous if you end up getting pinned in the corner by a loot box or by your enemy. If there isn’t sufficient space to open the doors then this is not a concern. It is possible for Melee attack the doors which lets the character kick them down. It is also a quick way to move if you are attacking.

You can climb the wall

Apex Legend does not offer any triple jumps or wall-running but there is still a way in which you can run up the wall. All that you need to do is to hold the jump button and loop up and sprint at the wall. This will let you climb at least three to four times the height of the wall letting you reach the tall ledge. Doors let you reach even higher. Just climb on the door and then on the wall next to it. These are two tricks that will take some time to master but it does give you access to the high ground and to reach roofs and ledges that are usually difficult to access.

Adjust your sights

The gun scope lets you toggle the zoom when you are aiming down on a sight. When playing on your PC the Left Shift lets you toggle. On the controller use the L key to toggle. This adjustment lets the players make use of the gun sights for it to work for them. If you have a good sniper rifle and a high ground then this can let you make an accurate lead shot which indeed is not very easy to make.

The zipline lets you do a lot  

There are various ways in which you can use the zipline. It also lets players go up and down the hill. To dismount, all that you need to do is to press jump and you are off. It is possible to jump back on the line. For this, Jump and Hold the Forward and the Interact key together on the PC. On the console just press and hold the Interact key. It lets you dismount and change the direction and get back on track. This takes practice but with time it makes ziplines highly versatile.

It is possible to go out of bounds 

The zipline and red balloons let you end up out of bounds. The map is set to a height limit and if you went over this then you will be able to return to the play area. You then have just a few seconds to come back to the lower ground. This has been designed to not let the players to camp high late in the game. The players are given a grace time of a few seconds to reposition themselves. When you get up high and then come back, it lets you cover more distance easily.

Check the enemies shield status

The damage numbers are color-coded which is highly informative. You can use these colors to see the damage that it has caused and how close you are to eliminate the enemy. If there is a headshot then the damage is color-coded in yellow. Purple, blue, and white signify damage to the body which indicates the shield type which the enemy is carrying. If the color is red then this indicates that the shield is now down. You may also use your auditory nerves to hear the shattering sound and know when the money shield is broken. Just relay this to your team and help them finish off the task.


When you kill an enemy they go down and start to bleed. This will last for around 30 seconds which is enough time for the rival squad to revive the hurt without using a beacon. When a player goes down hurt it shows that they still have a teammate alive and around who can revive him. There is also an item that can let the player self-revive him. This is the legendary knockdown shield that has a resurrection function that allows self-reviving at least once. It is important to use this device wisely because it gives you only one chance of self-revival.

Apex Legend has a lot of these secret tips and tricks not known to all the players. These are unique functionalities of the game and knowing them does let your team come up on the top.

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