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Organize Your Family with “Me in a Tree”

Are you currently looking for a fun way to organize and get in touch with your family? 

I have the software for you! Me in a Tree is the newest and fun way to reconnect with your family!

With Me in a Tree you can organize your families by using their great features such as :

Family Huddles: The Family Huddle walks you through a fun game-like family meeting, getting the whole family talking, laughing and working together.

  • Bring a Character to Life: Keep everyone engaged by giving them a fun character to play during the family huddles.
  • Stay in the Loop: Use the calendar to reduce the chaos by always knowing what’s happening. Even sync it to your Google or Outlook calendar.
  • The Art of Listening: Learn and experience the most valuable trait for family growth; communication.
  • Fun Conversations:  Learn new things about family members with the family fun topics.
  • General Trinkets Challenges: The family is a team. Accomplishing General Trinkets’s weekly challenge will make the team stronger.

Duties List:My Duties helps delegate chores and responsibilities to each family member, lightening the load for everyone.

  • Setup Toolbox: Setting up your families duties in the Toolbox is easy. Select your category, pick the duty and decide who’s doing it and when it’ll be done
  • My Duties Calendar: My Duties Calendar is a simple monthly overview of all the chores and responsibilities to be completed on any given day.
  • Today’s Duties Tent: This is your duties bulletin board where your family will find all things needing to be done. They can confirm a completed chore or responsibility or trade it with another family member.
  • Star City: Earning superstars for completing a duty will keep your kids motivated. The more superstars they earn, the faster they will build their constellations.

To Do: Bored? Want to spend more time as a family? The four categories in Things to Do offers something for everyone.

  • Find Something For Everyone: Things to Do is full of fun activities, events, workshops and volunteer positions that are available in your community for you and your family to experience.
  • Auto Magically Add to Your Calendar: With an easy click of the mouse you can add an activity or event to your calendar, making sure it happens.

Journal: Store your treasured daily reflections and thoughts of gratitude in one place.

  • Gratitude & Reflections: Take time during your day to record all things good in your life and the reflections you carry with you.
  • Share with your Family: Getting to know each other through the journals can be enlightening.
  • Practice Gratitude: Every time you open the dashboard your gratitude’s will remind you of all the good things in your life, which is a no-fail mood lifter!

The Assessment :Strengths and weaknesses, everyone has them! Find out what YOUR family’s are, by doing the assessment.

  • Follow your Gut: Don’t over think your answers; usually the first one that pops into your head is the right one for you.
  • See where you Stand: It’s easy to see what your strengths are and what needs work. Read on for your personal profile.
  • See the Change: Celebrate your progress by going back to the assessment every 3 months and doing it again.

Family Pledge Stone: Pledge Stone is the place the family writes what your family is all about, what you value and how you want to live as a family.

  • Everyone has a Say: Each member is given the opportunity to say what they think makes their family special.
  • Work Together to Build It: During your Family Huddle work together to write your family’s Pledge Stone.
  • Stick to It: Deepen each family member’s sense of belonging and unity by living according to your Pledge Stone.

Calender:The Calendar organizes and simplifies life, keeping everything important to you in one place and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  • Enter all Your Family Activities: Keep everyone in the loop, on time and never forgetting, by entering all the family’s activities, appointments and schedules.
  • Customize It: Color coding, special stickers and unique options make it customizable and easy to use.
  • Sync It: Your  work and family calendars will be in sync, and you can check your family schedule from work or your work schedule from home.

Parent Support: Help and support is at your fingertips!

  • Finding the Info for You: We’re bringing it all to you in books, articles and websites.
  • Parenting Resource: Look through articles, books and websites in the categories for parenting.
  • Parent Talk: The best experts in parenting are the parents themselves and you have a lot to offer. Join the forum!
  • Everyone loves a blog: Some are educational, some thought-provoking and some even humorous. They’re all available for you to read and voice your thoughts.
  • Ask Eva: Have a burning parenting question? Ask our resident expert….Eva!

Video Center: Useful and instructional videos walk you though Me in a Tree.

  • Helpful Videos: Offering helpful and informative videos to enhance your visit.
  • Get to them Better: Families sharing their personal experiences.
  • Don’t get Lost: These useful videos help you navigate through the site .

Now you are probably wondering how much it cost. There are there plans and it follows as:

  • 1 month = $9.99
  • 6 month = $7.99/month ($47.94) 20% DISCOUNT
  • 12 month = $5.99/month ($71.88) 40% DISCOUNT

I personally could probably spend endless hours on this site. I am big on being organized. It’s a must have for this house. My favorite features are the calendar and the parent support. We all know being a parent especially when it’s your first time is a little hard and sometimes it’s nice having that extra support. My kids are only 6, 4, and 1 so I feel they are a little young for this site, but when they get older and use the computer more we will be using it. My son saw me messing around on the site and the first thing he notice was the bright and colorful characters  they have on there. So it’s defiantly kid friendly!! 

How do you keep your family organized? What’s your favorite thing about Me in a Tree.

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12 thoughts on “Organize Your Family with “Me in a Tree”

  1. Organizing really is not my strong point. I’m always looking for new systems and ways to get and stay organized. I have yet to find the perfect system. I seem to love it for a couple of weeks then I forget about it. Thanks for sharing this. It might just be something I could use (or try it out anyway lol).

  2. I can see this really helping out keeping a family organized! My kids are a bit too young to use this for them and keeping their chores organized, but when older with their own calendars, it would definitely work well.

  3. I’ll have to look into this. The house we are moving into is smaller so I’ll need to be on the top of my organizational game!

  4. My family so needs help when it comes to organizing!! I always feel so scattered brained! I am going to check them out and hope they can help us out 🙂

  5. I’m so horrible when it comes to organizing things. I feel like I’m always trying out a new system.

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