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Organic Baby Formula: How to choose the best formula?

Factors affecting human health are distributed as follows: 50% is an individual lifestyle, 20% is environmental conditions and heredity, and 10% is medical care. These are the conclusions of the World Health Organization. And nutrition is the main component of our way of life. It turns out that our health and the health of future generations depends on our nutrition first.

All conscientious people know that mother’s milk is the best food for babies. But life makes its adjustments, and young mothers are not always able to feed their babies naturally for one reason or another. To help come to the aid of infant formula. And now their choice should be taken responsibly. The best choice among modern baby foods is organic products.

What are organic products?

Organic foods are defined as foods from agriculture and the food industry, for the production of which synthetic substances and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are used. This has a bad effect on the nutritional organization of both children and adults. Most agricultural enterprises use synthetic mineral fertilizers to improve soil fertility. However, for food to be recognized as organic, the land must meet certain requirements of the level of its contamination with harmful substances. Therefore, organic agriculture improves soil fertility by natural methods – siderates, compost, humus, crop rotation, etc.

To destroy weeds in conventional agriculture, herbicides are applied to the soil. Pesticides and insecticides are also used to control pests. In organic agriculture, weeds are fought with the help of weeding, mulching, sowing of antagonist plants, and with pests – with the help of birds, and bait plants. Moreover, in conventional agriculture, seeds can be dressed. And in organic farming, it is not allowed in any case.

If the product is organic, there must be appropriate quality certificates.

Why is the price of organic products quite high?

Today, on the market for baby food, there is a fairly wide range of dairy and organic formulas. But as for the organic formulas, there is immediately an issue of high price.

From an economic point of view, organic production is very costly: the technology for growing and processing is strictly regulated by standards, and it is a production that goes through the certification procedure.

Since the cost of producing organic products is higher, the cost to consumers increases on average by 15-30%, and in some cases – by 50%. This is because the process of cultivation can cause damage, since organic products can not use chemicals for pest control and means to increase yield. While more yields can be obtained with conventional farming, organic production can be less. Rejection of “chemicals” allows organic farmers to achieve decent results – 50-70% of the indicators of traditional farming. Accordingly, such products are more expensive.

So, you pay for the quality of the product and thereby also protect the environment.

How to choose an organic baby formula?

A quality organic formula must contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, probiotics, and prebiotics to improve digestion. Taurine is a free amino acid that is required by the growing body for the full development of the child’s central nervous system, as well as vision.

For example, lactose helps children better absorb iron and calcium, which are necessary for the full life and development of a child. In addition, it improves digestion, provides energy to the child’s body, and creates favorable conditions for the development of beneficial microflora.

Linoleic acid is a fatty acid that is vital for the formation of the human brain, as well as the eye retina.

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All baby milk formulas should be divided into age groups, because as the little body grows, more vitamins and micronutrients are required.

So, stage 1 is for newborn babies and up to 6 months.

Stage 2 – from 6 to 12 months.

Stage 3 is from one year and beyond.

Choose quality organic milk formulas for your baby, and it will grow successful, healthy, and developed.