Why One Style Won’t Fit All
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Why One Style Won’t Fit All


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On a woman’s wedding day, she wants to be at her best. She wants her eyes to shine, her hair to be styled to perfection, and she wants a wedding gown that does her justice. In order for her to look her best, she needs a gown that flatters her best features and minimises anything that bothers her.

Let’s look at a few general guidelines from the experts.

The Petite Bride

A simple silk crepe is perfect for this bride. She wants a minimalist look. She does not want to be overpowered by her gown. She can wear a low V-neck gown with wide straps to draw the eye up, giving her a sleek look. If she wants a waist, opt for an empire waist gown. A mermaid gown or a dropped waist is not off limits but stay with a structured dress and not a poofy look.

Plus Size Brides

Whether she wants to minimize her curves or celebrate them, she has options. An empire waist with flowing chiffon ruffles is sexy and slimming. It draws the eye to the flowing layers and minimizes the body. An illusion neckline combined with a drop waist is daring and slimming.

Tall and Lean

This bride will wear a high neckline and a close to the body flowing gown. This accents her height giving her the look of slim perfection. A flowing train makes this a perfect choice.


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Colors of the season

This years trend is leaning toward the more elegant, chic, and understated wedding. Class and charm is the order of the day. Gold is an elegant color for bridesmaids. It is classed with the rich elegance of black and navy. If the bride is wearing ivory, champagne, or silver, this is a perfect combination. Tip, when using gold for the bridesmaid dress, avoid dressing all the women in the same gown. Even if the dresses are made at the same place, the way the light hits the women, the coloring of their skin tone and hair, and the monotone dress almost always causes one gown to appear to be a different hue. By adding a cream or nude lace jacket or wrap, this problem can be avoided.


You also have the option to dress the bride in shimmering gold and dress the bridesmaids in champagne or silver. This is a stunning option.

Go casual

You can use the same great colors, but make them more casual with a shorter hemline and maybe a two-piece skirt and top. This is fun for a vineyard or garden wedding. If you choose to get married in early fall, you have several options to combine with your gold selections. Consider adding some sage accents to your flowers and accessories.

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Don’t forget to have fun!

Sometimes when a couple chooses an ultra elegant wedding, they forget that the wedding is supposed to be fun. Have your chic ceremony but have some fun at the reception. Give your bridal party custom tee-shirts that announce a buddymoon.


This is where you invite the bridal party to join you for an activity on the honeymoon. This can be a luau or zip-line adventure. It can be a concert or cruise adventure. Whatever it is, make it a thank you gift. The Tee Hive is a great place to order custom tees.


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