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Omaha Steaks New Rib Crown Steaks

Disclosure: I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine.

I am all about stuff that taste good and is easy to cook. Well let’s be honest if I am doing the cooking it has to be something that’s easy to cook. That’s what I love about Omaha Steaks. They are very easy to cook and taste wonderful! They recently came out with the Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Rib Crown Steak.

crown steak

This steak is carved from the most tender part of the Ribeye. It combines the best of the rich, beefy flavor of a Ribeye with the tenderness of a Filet Mignon. (I really love Filet Mignon!!) They are consistent in size and thickness and trimmed practically free of fat, so there is little waste!! Did you know they also have less total calories and fat per ounce than a full Ribeye Steak.

crown steak

I have to admit steak isn’t my top choice of food. It never has been. When I do eat it I usually dip it in ranch. Yumm!! (hehehe) However, my husband loves it and I need to be nice and let him eat his favorite now and then. When I first got these crown steaks I was a little nervous about cooking them. I didn’t want to burn them or cook them to raw. But their instructions were real simple to follow and ended up being cooked just right. They also required little seasoning. Honestly I just sprinkled a little season salt on them. How did the taste? Well lets put it this way…I can proudly say that I eat these steaks and DID NOT dip them in ranch. They tasted great and just the right amount of tenderness.

How do you season your steak?

crown steak

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crown steak

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