Olbas Sampler Kit
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Olbas Sampler Kit

This Olbas Sampler kit is the perfect thing if you are looking to try something soothing and relaxing then you should try this. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Olbas Sampler Kit


The Sampler Kit is the best way to try ALL of the Olbas remedies yourself, and have them available in your medicine chest when you need them. Makes an excellent gift!

With the Olbas Sample Kit you get generous sample sizes of:

  • OIL…Aromatic oil relieve aches & pain and promotes free breathing (0.32 fl oz)
  • SALVE…Deep penetrating cream relieves muscle and joint discomforts, sprains and bruises (1 oz tube)
  • BATH…Therapeutic herbal bath soothes and relaxes (1 fl oz)
  • PASTILLES…Maximum strength cough suppressant drops soothe sore throat and fight coughs (27 pastilles)
  • TEA…Warming blend soothes you when feeling chilled during times of seasonal discomfort (sample size)
  • SUGAR FREE LOZENGES…Cough suppressant drops. Black Currant Flavor (3 individual lozenges)
  • INHALER…Fast acting vapors provide an instant, cooling sensation and promote free breathing (full size)
  • COUGH SYRUP…Herbal extracts and pure Wild Honey soothe bronchial and respiratory passages (1 fl oz)

Olbas Sampler Kit

This kit has sample sizes of all 8 remedies from Olbas such as Cough Syrup, Sugar free lozenges and Pastilles. I love having these around in the winter for when we are not feeling well and they really do work wonders. I love the Bath which is therapeutic herbal bath that soothes and relaxes the body. Also the Salve which is a deep penetrating cream that relieves muscle and joint discomfort. I love using this cream after workouts or when I’m not feeling well and feeling sick and ache. I have even given this to several of my family members for gifts. It is really great to have around the house.

Win It:

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19 thoughts on “Olbas Sampler Kit

  1. Why do you need this?

    Since I broker the 50 year mark I feel like I am always sick with something. Good to have some good medicine on hand.


  2. I would love this because with winter on the way these products would be great to have on hand

  3. I need these as with 3 little ones I am always trying to find products which I know are safe for them to take.

  4. ‘Cause I’m always looking for natural healthcare products to stock my families medicine cabinet with.


  5. As a nurse, I like taking herbal and homeopathic medicine and teas. Honey in the cough syrup is known to quiet coughing.

  6. Wow, so many reasons these would be great for us! My youngest son always seem to have something going on… he just got over strep throat.

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