Oil & Water Science
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Oil & Water Science

Some of the best chances to learn happen in the kitchen! This super easy and incredibly kid friendly oil and water experiment combine the fun of playing with the science of what happens when oil and water are combined.


Several Glass Dishes
Cooking Oil
Paint Pipettes
Food Coloring


  1. Fill a glass dish 1/2 way with cooking oil
  2. Fill several other glass dishes with water and add food coloring to achieve your desired colors.
  3. Have the kids fill the paint pipettes with the colorful water and dribble it into the cooking oil.
  4. They will see that the oil and water do not mix. The colors stay concentrated where they were dropped instead of blending.

I loved doing this with my kids because it was easy to set up and clean up, it was economical with 4 kids and it was completely visually appealing for all 4 kids! If you have food coloring and cooking oil, you are all set! If you don’t have the pipettes that I used, a medicine dropper, a few straws, or even small spoons can create the same effect.

I love simple science experiments that we can try at home! With summer here, I would love to hear about some of your favorite science experiments for kids to inspire our summer learning! If you try this project, I hope you will share a pic with me on facebook!

64 thoughts on “Oil & Water Science

  1. This looks like a fun, hands-on learning activity! Remembering myself as a child, I’d want to be prepared for a barrage of questions such as, “But why? …Why? Why?” πŸ™‚

  2. I remember doing this as a kid! Thanks for sharing. An awesome way to bond with the kids

  3. This looks like fun, definitely going to have to try this out with the little ones, I think they
    will enjoy watching what happens.

  4. This looks like fun, definitely going to have to try this out with the little ones, I think they
    will enjoy watching what happens.

  5. Science fascinates me! I think my nieces and nephews would like to try this experiment.

  6. This is a cool experiment for kids. There are so many simple experiments using household items one can do. A great way to break up the monotony of a rainy Saturday.

  7. This would be awesome for kids! Really something for adults to enjoy to. Thanks for sharing

  8. I need to add this to my homeschooling lesson plans! Dye’s a great idea!

  9. This looks like a great experiment to try with kids while they’re being schooled at home during this pandemic.

  10. This is an awesome learning method! Something fun to do with kids. Thanks for sharing

  11. My kids love science experiments. Especially my 10 year old special needs son. That is his favorite! he would love this.

  12. I did this when I was in elementary school, very fun and practical way to learn about density of liquids

  13. This is awesome and we have all the ingredients. I forgot about this! Thanks!

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