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Oball Clickity Twist: Perfect on the Go Toy

This is a sponsored post.  As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.

For me, toys that are easy to take on the road is important. Especially ones that don’t involve a lot of noise! Oball Clickity Twist toy is a perfect on the go toy!

perfect on the go toy

About Oball Clickity Twist:

“Oball’s™ Clickity Twist™ is a portable activity center for baby! Colorful arms are flexible, easy for little hands to grasp, and super soft for teething. The center ball twists to make interesting clicking sounds. So much to do- packed into one little toy that little hands can really get a hold of.”

perfect on the go toy

My Thoughts:

Everything about this toy screams that it’s perfect for on the go. It’s like this toy is meant for on the go traveling. Although it can still be played in the house. Carly Jo takes it everywhere with her. I love that it will close together which makes it perfect for storing in the diaper bag. The sides are textured and  tiny making it perfect for her to hold on to. The constant clicking and clatter keeps her little mind attention. She’s always moving in around trying to find the different ways she can play with her Oball Clickity Twist. It’s also a toy that I don’t mind staying in the vehicle. It doesn’t play any music or makes any load noise. Which is perfect when you are already in a tight space. With three kids and my husband and I trying to talk it’s already loud enough. We don’t need any extra noise. In my opinion this will be one toy that will always go on the go with us.

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