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Nuby Sure Grip Bowl

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Carly Jo is two and has been feeding her self for a while now. More often than not I spend about an hour cleaning her, the floor, the chair, and the table up after she gets done eating. I have learned with my older two that it is matter of finding the perfect tool. That’s where Nuby’s Sure Grip Bowl comes in handy.

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About Sure Grip Bowl:

The Nûby™ Sure Grip™ Bowl is made of tough break resistant polypropylene and is engineered to fit either the left or right hand. The ergonomic design allows the bowl to be held in a comfortable and more natural feeding position without the worry of spilling contents of the bowl. As with any feeding method, you will find your most comfortable position. This bowl is conveniently sized, just right for dry cereal and other baby foods.

sure grip bow

My Thoughts:

I can’t count how many times Carly’s bowls, plates, and silverware ended up on the floor. Half of the time it was because she felt the need to throw it on the floor. The other half was an accident. Just with one touch the bowl would end up on the floor. With the sure grip bowl it’s a little harder to knock on the floor. It has the texture bottom that makes it a little more secure. The way the bowl is design makes it really easy for her to control and hold on too. I can honestly say that whenever Carly Jo uses the sure grip bowl there is a significantly less mess for me to clean up. That alone makes this bowl a huge win for me!

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