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Nuby Teething Pals Teether

These teething pals teethers are so fun and so cute for little ones. These teethers are made with several different teething surfaces to help soothe baby’s gums during teething. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Nuby Teething Pals Teether

They are made as cute little animals that are small and easy for baby to hold and grip. We love these so much, we have every animal they have available. They all get plenty of use. I love that these are small enough that they are easy for a 3-month-old to grip and chew on.  Especially since we all know once they start chewing, they chew on everything. I will often give my niece one of these when she decides to start trying to chew her fist or on my clothes. She loves that she can hold it herself and chew on it.

It also seems to work well for my friend’s son who has begun teething. She will give him this when he gets fussy and he will go to town chewing on the different surfaces and it calms him down. These make a great gift for anyone expecting or anyone who already has a baby. They are so small and easy to store in the diaper bag and great for on the go to keep your little one busy.

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