Nuby Teethe Eez
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Nuby Teethe Eez

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own!
My daughter Harper has been a slobbering little bundle of joy for about 6 weeks now, she is trying to get her first tooth but it seems to be taking a while. She drools, she wants to bite your fingers and any other object she can grab a hold of, for the record.
Nuby sent us a product that is designed to soothe, stimulate and clean gums for babies 0+ months old. We received the Teethe-eez 100% silicone teether to try out. Honestly, I was not sure if Harper would even try it as I have been pushing a variety of teething toys on to her without any luck.
I opened the package and washed it as directed and handed it to Harper. Much to my surprise she was interested. I don’t know if the design appealed to her, or if the fact it was close to feeding time factored in, but instantly it went in her mouth. She found the little nubs to be appealing to say the least.
Let me tell you a little about this product.
One end of the “fish shaped” Teethe-eez™ feature teething bristles, just like the above Gum-eez™. The whole teether is made of soft curves and multiple textures that gently massage and stimulate your baby’s gums. The Teethe-eez™ is made of 100% soft medical grade silicone. Available in a variety of colors.

Harper has been happily chewing on her Nuby Teethe-Eez daily. I like that it soothes her sore gums, it cleans them and it gives her something to do that she really seems to enjoy. When offered her teether and a baby toy she goes for the teether every time… as long as it is her Nuby!

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