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Nûby™ Sea Scooper™

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Bath time is a favorite time around here. My youngest, Carly Jo, can easily spend an hour in the bath tub if I let her. When I was given a chance to review the Sea Scooper from Nuby I knew she would love it!

nuby sea scooper

About Nûby™ Sea Scooper™:

Make bath time easier and more enjoyable with the Nûby™ Sea Scooper™!  After bath time fun is over, Nûby’s Whale Pail™ makes cleaning quick and easy.  Watch your baby giggle with delight as you scoop your favorite Nûby™ bath time toys into the whale’s tummy.  The pail has special drain holes built-in allowing excess water to easily drain away from the toys and quickly air dry.  Equipped with easy installation wall hooks, Nûby’s Whale Pail™ keeps bath time toys neatly on the bathroom wall.


My Thoughts:

The Sea Scooper serves a lot of purposes. From my point of view it keeps the bath tub clean. It has a big enough mouth that it stores all the bath tub toys. There are several holes around the whale that allows the water to drain and dries the toys. So in the end the toys are picked up, out-of-the-way, and drying.  Now from my daughter’s point of view it’s fun!  I use to have to fight her to help which lead to me doing it on my own. (Some things aren’t worth the fight) She loves cleaning up the bath toys before she gets out. Over all I am very pleased with the Sea Scooper. It’s something that both mother and child will love! 

nuby sea scooper

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