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Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Our new addition will be here soon! Just weeks to go now. We are really excited to meet him and discover his personality! But, as seasoned parents, we have a good idea of what we need, what we need to do, and how to get it all done!

My husband is eager to get his hands on a baby again too! We are taking the steps now to insure that when feeding times come, everything we need to make the process a breeze for Baby, Daddy and myself.

Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer

We have a Nuby One Touch Electric Warmer to help making feeding time a little easier for everyone! I really love that this is another Nuby product that multitasks and grows with my family. Not only does it warm formula or breastmilk, but it can warm baby food, sterilize pacifiers and bottle nipples too.

Within moments you can have everything safe and clean or safely warmed for baby to enjoy. The unit is easy to use and it is compact, sleek and quiet when in operation. It is also incredibly easy to use, which is a huge bonus when you are feeding in the middle of the night!

Every family can use one of these, making it a great baby shower idea, no matter how it happens, baby has to eat and this product can help families make feeding time a little easier within moments!

Learn more about Nuby by connecting with the Nuby Website or on facebook.

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