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Nuby Natural Touch Infant Bottle

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

Babies have to eat! This is a fact. With this in mind, every family with a baby should have a few great bottles in the house. Even breastfed babies- because face it, like I mentioned, babies have to eat!

With a new baby on the way, and plans of breastfeeding, I knew that there would be times that I am pumping and there is always the chance of supplemental formula feeding if needed. When considering what brand of bottles we should have on hand for feedings, I knew Nuby was the way to go. We have used Nuby products for many years with great results.

 Nuby Natural Touch Infant Bottle

The Nuby Natural Touch Infant Bottle has a breast size nipple to encourage latch and a soft flow making it an easy nipple to latch, I like the 9 ounce size meaning that as baby grows, the bottle will continue to be used.

This bottle is available at Walmart. The printed designs are cute! I love how easy the bottles are to wash and dry as well as how durable the material is. I am glad to have the Nuby Natural Touch Infant Bottle on hand for our little bundle of joy! I would recommend this bottle to anyone with a baby in the house!

Learn more about Nuby by connecting with the Nuby Website or on facebook.

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