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Nuby Hot Safe Feeding Spoons

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My sweet little girl is a huge fan of eating! She is interested in baby food, she is interested in the food the rest of the family eats and she loves cooking shows. When we received a package of Nuby Hot Safe Feeding Spoons, Harper was ready to try them out.

I used this style and brand with my son, so I already knew I liked Nuby Spoons, but the true test comes from Harper. How would she feel about them? Let me tell you a little more about the product before you read all about our experience.

 Hot Safe™ Feeding Spoons

0 months +
Fun bright colors
Sure-Temp™ Sensor changes color when baby’s food is too hot (approx 110 F/ 43C)
Easy grip handle ensures a comfortable, secure hold during feeding
Long handle is designed to reach the bottom of taller baby jars
Perfect for baby’s first foods

Harper is always hungry! The night we put these to the test was no exception.

I liked the ease of scooping baby food with these long spoons, they reach the bottom of jars of baby food with ease. The long spoon also makes feeding easier, the design plays a huge part in that bonus. The temperature sensing feature is fantastic. I love not having to worry about feeding her something that is too warm.
What did Harper think?
She liked the Nuby Spoons! She was happy that there was no wasted time of wiping spoon handles clean thanks to the long reach of the spoon I could scoop and feed with less mess and without getting the baby upset about delays between spoonfuls.

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