Nuby Bath Links™
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Nuby Bath Links™

If you have a little one then check out these fun bath links from nuby. This pack of 15 bath links will make bath time extra fun for your little one. With rings and animal shapes in all different colors your little one will love playing with these as they put them together by linking them up. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Nuby Bath Links™

My nephew loves to link all these up and then swirl them around the bath tub for quite a while. Sometimes he will even have two separate chains and move them around. This is also great for when your little one is old enough to start leaning colors. It’s fun to have them link them up by color or by creating patterns with them.

These toys are so fun and unique and neat to play with in the bath and they really do make bath time a lot of fun for little ones. This comes in a 15 pack which provides enough links to keep your little one entertained for quite a while. My nephew loves that these keep his son entertained long enough for him to wash him since he never used to like baths but ever since he got these fun toys he really seems to enjoy his bath time now. These are great for kids once they can sit up on their own in the bath, and it won’t hurt them if they chew on them at all.

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