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Newman’s Own Organics : The Must Have Snack

This year I had made a resolution to eat healthier and lose some weight. I have 3 young children who depend on me to teach them and lead by example. I want them to eat right and healthy, so I must too. One thing I have been trying is organic food.  I was recently sent a package from Newman’s Own Organics. I was VERY surprised with my package. They sent TONS of food for me try.

The first thing I noticed was their variation of chocolate cups. I am a HUGE fan of Reese’s Cups. I am very impressed with these. They taste the same, but a whole lot healthier for you!! My favorite one was the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. My husband liked the Dark Chocolate ones. Next I noticed where the mints. These came in cute little tins that are perfect for caring around in the diaper bag or purse. I really liked the wintergreen mints. I am not a fan of hot stuff so the cinnamon mints went to my husband to keep in the car.

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Next I noticed were the dried cranberries and apples. My mother in law ate the cranberries and she said they were really good. I tried them in my salads. It was the perfect way to spice up a salad. My daughters fell in love with the apples. I loved it because I felt a lot more comfortable with my one year old eating them. They were soft and chewy, so I knew she wouldn’t choke. I loved the pretzels. I tend to get the munchies during the day and want something light and easy to eat. They made for the perfect snack! The honey wheat pretzels where my favorite.

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Finally the cookies!! These were a major hit among everyone. My top favorite ones where the Orange chocolate Chip and Mint Chocolate Chip. My youngest daughter really liked the Hermits and Ginger O’s. All three of my kids thought Cinnamon Graham’s were good. These made for the perfect after school snack.

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Lastly but defiantly not lest are the licorice. I LOVED these. I liked the sour ones a lot better than the plan ones. Honestly, I probably ate more of these then the kids. My favorite thing was they were the weren’t too hard or too soft. They were perfect. They weren’t too sour (which I tend to hate). Everything about them was perfect. Needless to say they didn’t hang around the house very long!


My overall opinion of Newman’s Own Organic is that it’s a must have snack. They taste great, healthy, safe, organic, and taste great. I mentioned taste great twice because I loved them and I have had a very hard time finding some good organic food that my kids and I would both eat. These were truly at hit in our house. Everyone was pleased even my VERY picky eater. I loved that I have found something that can please everyone and is good for them. It almost makes you forget that you are eating something that is good for you. My two favorite items are were the chocolate cups and licorice. Go figure, the candy!! 🙂 

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