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Neil Diamond is a talented musician! #MelodyRoad #O2O

Neil Diamond, one of the world’s premiere recording artists, internationally renowned and record-breaking concert performer and revered songwriter, is set to release his brand new studio album, Melody Road, on October 21st.  The album, marks his first original studio release in six years and first since signing with Capitol Records.  Acclaimed producers Don Was and Jacknife Lee co-produced the album. In addition, there will be a special 36-page lyric book with guitar chords included in the packaging of each album.

Neil Diamond is a talented musician! At the age of 73 he is still going strong, touching hearts and making girls give dreamy sighs as they absorb the powerful messages of love that his new album Melody Road offers. This album is amazing, it is soft, it is packed with fantastic songs that put you in the mood to love and be loved. My husband and I have been listening to this in the car for over a week now, we both agree it is a wonderful album.

I was skeptical when I heard this album was coming out. Diamond hasn’t released anything since 2008. I thought “Oh no… don’t do it Neil…” because I anticipated it would be a come back kind of effort. After hearing the first track I realized this is not a comeback! Neil Diamond still has it! Has what? The magic of music!This is a great album for soft rock fans, the album is peaceful, filled with love and will melt your stresses from the day away in record time!

I highly recommend Melody Road, it is filled with 12 great songs by a iconic musician.

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