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It is not always easy to get motivated to work. Either writing a post, working out, or cleaning the house.  I actually don’t mind cleaning the house. The trick there is that I know the results will be visible after my hard work, and visible right away, because I have zero patience. That is not the case with working out or writing. I mean I could spend all day writing, and I could even have something that is mostly good. But it will need edited, and then posted, and then it is the feedback that lets me really know if it was worth writing for publication or not. There are few markers on the way that I have accomplished something. Same with working out. I could spend hours in the gym and still not see results as soon as I am done like cleaning the house.

Perhaps that is why when it comes time to write or workout I find I have something to clean first. I need that reward right away. I live off the “job well done” a clean kitchen screams it at me.  A sore butt from working out does not scream “good job” to me yet. There are all kinds of tricks out there. Some people say to visualize what you really want and find quotes that inspire you to work. Some say that the right music is key. Others think that a goal board is the way to go.  I do them all. But some days, okay more days than not, I have to just get at it.

I set a timer and I write. I go to the gym and get after it.  Yes, on these days I am not at my best. There is no magical thing that will make me want to go to the gym when I really don’t want to. I run through my goals, I visualize the end result, I listen to motivational guy crap on the way to the gym, and I even get the good music going.  Nothing seems to help these days. But I do it anyway. My workout may not be as long as it should have been, and I most definitely did not push myself. No, on these days I just go.

Sometimes these days fall right in a row. If that happens something has to change. Something has to remind me of the fire that got me on this path in the first place. I don’t have a workout tribe here, I don’t have that “motivate your success” group. But I do have people I can talk to. I have other blogs I can read, and things that can help me really get to the root of my issues.  Sometimes I just need to say what I am after to remind myself. Sometimes I need to know I am not alone and that days can suck. Sometimes I need to a kick in the ass to stop feeling sorry for myself. Whatever it is reaching out is a great way to get back on path. There is a quote by Zig Ziglar that talks about motivation not lasting, and neither does bathing, that is why it is recommended daily. So true.  Every day I have to remind myself what I want and what I am doing. And some days I just have to do it.

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