Moosh-Moosh #2019WOMRHoliday
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Moosh-Moosh #2019WOMRHoliday

Give the gift of a cuddly friend that will never go away and will keep your little one entertained for hours! Moosh-Moosh’s come in all sizes and styles. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

New! Moosh-Moosh Banks • $14.99
More than your average piggy bank, these clever characters “talk” as coins are dropped into the slot. Kids will never tire from plunking down two quarters into the slot and hearing a Meow! Or Roar! Banks can hold up to $100 in coins.

New! Moosh-Moosh Plushy Skwishys Series 1 • $5.99
Designed with the softest fabric, these cuddle buddies fit in a child’s hand. The 2019 Series 1 collection is available in a dozen different characters. Skwishys measure 3” x 3”. Give ‘em a pet and/or a squish! Now sold at Staples stores!

New! Moosh-Moosh Flashlights • $14.99
This has to be the cutest night-light that kids can cuddle! These plush, huggable flashlights are ideal for sleepovers, story time and wonderfully comforting for those afraid of the dark. Available in six soft fabric styles. Just add AA batteries upon arrival at home! Now sold at Walgreens and CVS stores!

Visit Mooshlandia with Sparkle the Unicorn a 24” JUMBO size plushie that features soft huggable fabric.  Sparkle the Unicorn is a magical friend who can take you to any magical land.  Sparkle is a graceful, kind, and thoughtful friend. She wants to be a doctor because she likes to help and heal others. After all, her horn has healing powers!  Sparkle would love to join you when you need to go to the doctor! She will give you a healing hug and help you every day if you need her! 

Moosh-Moosh’s are cute! They have animals that fit every personality and will make each child happy. My son loved the night light. He takes it to bed with him every night and cuddles with. It’s soft and perfect for him to use as a pillow, friend, and night light. My daughter is big into saving for a toy she really wants, so naturally she fell in love quickly with the bank. She called it her own! All of my kids love the big jumbo plushies. They use them for pillows and cuddle buddies. They carry them with them wherever they go. With all the handling I have not seen one sign of wear. Which tells these are made with top quality. If you are looking for a gift that serves as a toy and purpose…I recommend these!! They are fun and useful!

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